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A temporary brush-on beard colouring solution for
covering scattered grey hairs

Specially formulated for the man who lives an active lifestyle and seeks a no-mess, hassle free, grooming tool on his own terms. If some days you prefer to rock the salt & pepper look, it’s up to you. Just apply, let dry & go.


  • NO MORE GREY - Perfect for covering up grey beard hair patches to enhance the overall look of your facial hair. A hassle-free portable beard dye that withstands the rigors of an active life whether you’re on the job, out to dinner, or at the gym. 15ml provides multiple applications, doesn’t smudge & lasts all day. Washes out with soap and water.



  • QUICK APPLICATION SAVES YOU TIME - BEARDSHADE can be applied instantly simply by brushing it onto those grey-haired areas of your beard and that’s it! No messy mixing of dye or plastic gloves required. Just brush over affected areas, let dry for 3 minutes & go. 


  • NATURAL LOOK & FEEL - Use as little or as much as you like, BEARDSHADE blends in without altering the texture or feel of your beard hair, never leaves a sticky residue & is non-clumpy. Perfect for short-medium beard lengths giving you a grey free, rich & full appearance.



  • FLEXIBLE & TRAVEL FRIENDLY - BEARDSHADE is compact & discreet so you can touch-up on the go ensuring your beard colour is in peak condition wherever you are. Also suitable for sideburns & eyebrows.



  • EASY TO USE - Just apply to a clean, dry face on those grey-haired areas that need covering. Use gentle, light strokes in the direction of your stubble growth. Once desired tint is applied, wait 3 minutes to dry then you’re good to go. A hassle-free alternative to skin irritating beard dye.





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